Current Audio Setups

Over the years I’ve not only amassed several wonderful systems to listen to, but I’ve explored my different speaker, amplifier, and digital component types. Here, I’d like to share what those current systems are.

I’d also like to list the status of current equipment that I own that isn’t in use, due to one reason or another.

Current Reference

Here we are with the current reference system. If I’m not working, I’m listening to this system. It’s not as flashy as it used to be, but that can be attributed 100% to having kids. Before kids, it would have been easy to make this the best components all the time. Some day, that’ll happen again.

Q Acoustics flanking a cabinet with all the important musical goodies inside

Speakers: Q Acoustics 3050i with 3090Ci for center

Integrated Amplifier: Rega Osiris

Amplifier: Triode Lab EL84M-FFX monoblocks

Analog: Rega RP10 with Aria phonostage

Digital: Roon ROCK connected via USB to Audial S4

For movies, I use a Marantz receiver, but for stereo playback it’s turned off. Matching “cheaper” to end-game tube amplification is definitely an interesting exercise. Be on the lookout for a review soon.

Secondary System

This system rivals the Reference system and is generally used when I’m looking for something a little bit different. It moves around into different rooms or houses as needed.

Selah and Rega make a wonderful combination in this setting

Speakers: Selah Audio Ritorno

Amplifier: Rega Osiris

Digital: Google Chromecast Audio, Topping E30

Unlike the primary system, this one is digital only. And by comparison, it is a very small system by comparison, only comprising of three major parts.

The two-way monitor is a nice throwback to the old. They don’t mess around though. The bass output on these babies is seriously impressive.

Match that with a real powerhouse of an integrated and you have yourself a serious contender. I think anyone would be happy to have this system in their home.