LSAF 2024 | See You There!

If you’ve been in the audio world for any length of time, you’ve surely heard about a number of yearly shows meant for companies to display their latest audio gear. Or if you’re lucky, you even get the chance to visit them! Those shows are fun, but often show gear far out of my price range and are sometimes a bit formal.

I mean, you can’t blame them (the exhibitors). They’re there to show off the latest and greatest and convince potential reviewers and buyers to take a bite. I get it.

On the opposite side of the scale sit the smaller shows that are all about that person-to-person connection and simply having a good time while listening to some tunes.

Lone Star Audio Fest is such a show. The great thing about it is that it’s open to not just audio manufacturers, dealers and distributors, but for anyone to exhibit gear. I would very clearly fall into that last category.

Changing Things Up

I’ve been to the show almost every year for the last decade that it’s been put on. There were a few years there during covid that things were cancelled, but now the show is in its second year since kicking things off again.

This year I’ve decided to join the fray. I’ll be bringing some of my favorite gear from the last decade. And yes, I’ll have a cooler with some beer to share!

Here’s a list of what I expect to bring, but things can always change:

Some reference gear in there. I have yet to find a more musical, yet revealing, combination than the Triode Lab Pre and separates. The 2a3 monoblocks are a new addition to the family as well. All in all, I expect the show to be a great time!

That’s all I have for now. I am still deciding on the final pieces and bringing in a friend to help get everything setup.

See you there!

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